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15-08-2006: LOGICACMG'S Telecoms Business Appoints ASDA'A for Public Relations Services in the Middle East.
02-07-2006: THG celebrates unprecedented Cannes wins with plans to reach AED 1.4 billion in billing for 2006
22-05-2006: Edelman/Asda'a Global C-level Survey Shows Arab Worl''s Image Improving, but Negativity Still High
16-05-2006: American Express Renews Communications Focus with appointment of ASDA'A Public Relations
01-02-2006: ASDA'A is Campaign Middle East's PR Agency of the Year
19-10-2005: ASDA'A lands 'gold standard' ENOC account
13-09-2005: ASDA'A in three - way tie-up with International Insights and Edelman
04-06-2005: ASDA'A tie-up with Sky Advertising opens gateway to Palestine
30-03-2004: ASDA'A/Edelman Global CEO survey reveals that region's image in the west still dominated by conflict
29-03-2004: Survey Results ASDA'A signs partnership deal with Edelman, the world's largest independent PR firm
28-03-2004: ASDA'A public relations consultancy launches first annual regional communications forum
22-03-2004: ASDA'A Wins 'PR Consultancy of the Year 2003' Award from Visa International